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Due to poor communication with the present hosting service, uploading the Sunday worship services have not been working.  Therefore, I have moved the files effective August 10, 2014 to another hosting site.  From this time forward, the recorded services will be available at


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09/01/2013Pastor Charles Reynolds A Family Story (VN810099.MP3)
Sunday Worship Matthew 14:13-21
Download VN810099.MP3
11/17/2013Pastor Charles Reynolds A Little Help Here (VN810119.MP3)
Sunday Worship Exodus 17:8-16
Download VN810119.MP3
12/01/2013Pastor Charles Reynolds Back When I Knew It All (VN810124.MP3)
Sunday Worship Matthew 2:4-12
Sunday worship service
Download VN810124.MP3
03/23/2014Pastor Charles Reynolds Better Together (VN810150.MP3)
Sunday Worship Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
Download VN810150.MP3
04/06/2014Pastor Charles Reynolds Caring and Sharing (VN810154.MP3)
Sunday Worship Mark 2:16-17: 6:30-34
Download VN810154.MP3
12/24/2013Pastor Charles Reynolds Christmas Eve Service (VN810129.MP3)
Special Event
Christmas Eve Service with communion and candle light Silent Night
Download VN810129.MP3

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 Psalms 109:4 (KJV)
For my love they are my adversaries: but I [give myself unto] prayer.
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